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"Kevin's work is so incredible! I was thrilled to see his creations. I love the look of steel as art, and outdoors, it just weathers so beautifully. And I love that he incorporates sound into his art."
--Amy Cooper, Landscape Designer, Amy Cooper Designs, Phoenix, Arizona

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The Story Behind ... the Sculpture Moonshine

People seemed to enjoy learning about Charged Particle, another of Kevin's sculptures, but viewers may not have seen the sculpture titled Moonshine.

The copper form is a trefoil knot. "It's a really old shape," says Kevin. This is his interpretation of a trefoil knot.

The knot is made out of 3" diameter, 16 gauge copper, so the walls are only about 1/16 of an inch thick. The metal came from an old solar hot water heater. It's really, really thin wall and really, really soft.

Kevin made all his cuts and got the sculpture welded together, and then thought, "How can I kick this up a notch?"

He shows how the copper knot is mounted on a copper shaft with a small knurled ring that dresses up where the shaft enters the sculpture's powder-coated steel base.

The tall, powder-coated steel pedestal does two things. It picks up the knot to place it about eye level, and it hides the two bearings that allow Moonshine to ... spin.

The sculpture is visually light and delicate with a big, heavy base that counterweighs the spinning.

Kevin has used several variations of this form in his work, from 9-foot-tall, powder-coated steel Top Knot to 1-foot-square aluminum SquareDance. Moonshine is the first version of this form he has made of round pipe.

The sculpture gives him a good feeling inside. It is in his office, so once or twice a day Kevin walks by and gives it a gentle spin. Moonshine is simple, yet complex. It's fun to play with and look at.

All that being said, Kevin says he's holding it for its new owner - could that be you?

It's time for him to go back to work, but before you go, Kevin asks you to click on the bell in the uppper righthand corner of the YouTube screen to make sure you get first notice about new videos.

Well, you might want to hang around another moment to catch Kevin's reflection upon reflection ....

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