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"Your work is an inspiration to me.... Someday I?ll retire from the railroad and build a shop and create, too."
--David S. Ludlow, Executive Director, Wilmington & Western Railroad, Wilmington, Delaware

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How to Cut Thick Metal Using the ESAB Cutmaster 60i

Kevin is going to take a chunk out of that metal with the Cutmaster 60i, but first he wants to change out the consumables inside of it because he has been playing with the plasma cutter and wants to give it a fresh chance at this chunk of steel.

First, Kevin shows the SL60QD 1Torch. He says the “QD” obviously stands for “quick disconnect” as he easily removes the torch from the cable. “That’s cool!” he says.

To get to the tip, you just have to unscrew the cap, take off the nozzle, the swirl ring and the tip. Next he grabs some new consumables. He just presses down the new tip inside, then replaces the swirl ring, nozzle and cap. Now he just hooks it up so he can get to work.

First, though, Kevin runs through the settings. The plasma cutter is set at 60 amps on the short torch. He makes sure the correct air pressure and the right cut setting are selected.

Kevin puts on some safety gear. “Let's see how hot we can make it!” he says. The Cutmaster 60i plasma cutter rips through that 1-1/2” steel plate in 100 seconds without any trouble. “Wow!” says Kevin . “Check that out. That's pretty impressive for a 60 amp plasma cutter! So I guess that's why they call this Cutmaster 60i a beast!”

Kevin is ready to go back to playing with this amazing plasma cutter some more, so you have time to check out this beast. Well, you might want to wait around for another moment to see him dreaming about winter ….

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