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"Wow, what a showstopper. The lines and the color of BackFlip could not have been more perfect. You go, Kevin!"
--Karen Leff, realtor, Phoenix, Arizona

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Changes at Channel Kevin

This is a little different video for this channel.

As Kevin gets bigger and bigger sculpture commissions he has found himself juggling more and more. His time is being consumed with not only being a full-time artist, not only working on big sculptures, but also social media as well as answering questions and, oh yeah, doing a video every week!

Something's got to give.

Kevin and his team talked about just stopping the videos altogether, but he really didn't want to do that. He appreciates the community that we have here. He appreciates hearing from viewers and helping them with their questions as well as getting viewers' comments and feedback, so he doesn't want to end the videos altogether.

So Kevin is going to try posting a video twice a month - that's every other week - rather than every week to give him a little more time to get his work done.

Hopefully, that means he can come up with better videos, too - it'll give him a little more time to think about what he wants to say and how to to show you what he's doing.

Kevin really hopes viewers continue to support him in this decision. Toward the end of the year, he'll take another look at the videos and hopefully go back to doing them every week.

He'll appreciate it if you click on any ads associated with the videos that catch your eye.

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