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"[Flow] is so beautiful. It is amazing to have a real piece of rock instead of that ugly 'fake' rock that fountains are built out of these days. I am so glad I discovered Kevin's work online."
--Anita Rockett, Rockett Advertising executive, El Paso, Texas

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How to Apply a Rust Patina to Metal Sculpture

Kevin Caron: Hey, Mary. What are you doing?

Mary: I'm spraying magic rust sauce on Perchering, a large sound sculpture.

Kevin Caron: Looks pretty cool.

Mary: Yes, it is. I usually just use a little hand sprayer, but this pneumatic sprayer really does a great job. And since I have a number of metal pieces to rust, this spraying machine will make it go a lot faster.

Kevin Caron: It sure looks like you're spraying paint.

Mary: Nope, just making rust.

Kevin Caron: Is that all you have to do?

Mary: No. But the finish will change over time, so this surface that you're seeing here will probably need to be sprayed one more time. And since it's out in the elements it will change again as it ripens.

Kevin Caron: It'll just keep rusting?

Mary: Yep.

Kevin Caron: Well, that's pretty cool.

Mary: Learned from a master.

Kevin Caron: Oh, look. There's one hanging on a hook.

Mary: Yeah, that's Thom back there. He needs another coat. Probably this one will, too.

Kevin Caron: And that's the bell for Perchering, still waiting to get coated. And that looks like Terry the Hairy Tarantula, waiting to get coated. He's just naked.

Mary: She.

Kevin Caron: She. She’s naked. And look at this big, handsome fella. What's this sculpture’s name?

Mary: Uh, I think he has a very special name. His name's Sasquatch.

Kevin Caron: Sasquatch?

Mary: Um-hmm.

Kevin Caron: Well, he is kind of tall.

Mary: And he's definitely hairy.

Kevin Caron: Yeah, he's hairy, alright. We'll let you get on with it. We'll talk later. Bye!

Mary: Thanks.

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